Vendor Management is a central theme within our Estate Management division and it has become a primary tool to protect clients from COVID-19.   A typical household will have 12 to 15 vendors including housekeeping, designers, decorators, landscaping, irrigation technicians, florists, dry cleaning, window washers, drivers, electricians, plumbers, audio/visual technicians, computer techs, security experts, shoppers, and cooks.  Interacting with this many vendors is an unnecessary health risk and an incredible investment of time.

Luxury to Legacy manages existing vendors and introduces new vendors to improve service levels and reduce costs.  We evaluate vendor performance, compare multiple proposals, and then make recommendations outlining a long term strategy for services. Over the past 20 years, we have developed literally hundreds of relationships with vendors covering all aspects of the estate.  When possible, we maintain and grow existing vendor relationships. However, when performance drops below our high standards we do not hesitate to make a change.   We do not tolerate poor communication, missed meetings, overbilling, or unexcused and extended absences.  We have an extensive list of more than 125 vendors in all service areas, tested over time, held to an exceptionally high standard.

One of our primary missions at Luxury to Legacy is giving our clients back hundreds of hours of time to spend doing what they love with who they love.  We hear you when you say that you just don’t have time to exercise, entertain, travel with family and friends.   How much is it worth to you to free up five hours a week, 20 hours a month, 240 hours a year of time to do whatever makes you happy.  Life is short; let us give you the gift of a hassle-free estate.

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