Estate Management

Luxury to Legacy


L2L is meticulous, proactive, and adaptable while managing and maintaining all operational aspects of the Principal’s homes, staff, and vendors. Daily tasks include, but are not limited to, serving as an all-around gatekeeper to the Principal, demonstrating a hands-on approach to daily property maintenance including indoors and outdoors, managing staff members and schedules, planning and organizing events, arranging appointments for personal or professional needs, scheduling and overseeing home maintenance, handling household bills, and running errands. We offer in-depth technical knowledge in the areas of household management and property maintenance, construction management, and multi-departmental supervision, cleaning and maintaining the property at a ‘guest ready’ standard. We work independently and give direction and training to the household team and suppliers. Flexibility and confidentiality are of paramount importance.  The Estate Manager is responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving the Household Manual for each property.  Target responsibilities:

  • Sourcing suppliers as necessary including but not limited to florists, dry cleaners, maintenance workers
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with suppliers
  • Ensuring all maintenance contracts are negotiated, documented, stored, and well monitored
  • Maintaining an up-to-date supplier list
  • Oversight of all deliveries, internal renovation projects, and general maintenance of the residences; making the client aware of any necessary repairs or purchases that are beyond the scope of the household staff
  • Monitoring the progress of projects, to ensure that they are being prioritized in accordance with the Principal’s wishes and that outcomes are being reached in a satisfactory time frame and to the standard expected
  • Ensuring properties are always clean and maintained
  • Proactively implementing and improving systems within the homes
  • Ensuring the properties is always ‘guest ready’, to include; checking that all equipment is working, undertaking walk through as necessary and keeping the homes fully stocked with necessary supplies at all times
  • Ensuring properties are set up as is outlined in the manuals before the family’s arrival
  • Assuming the role of other team members if required in periods of absence
  • Annual maintenance of all properties
  • Excellent communication with all members of the staff across the properties

Elements to be coordinated with the Family Office team:

  • Monitoring and managing the principals and family’s activities
  • ‘never having to ask’ and ‘nothing is too much’ attitude
  • Assisting with parties and functions – sourcing staff, greeting guests.
  • Errand running – this requires the ‘on-call’ attitude at all time
  • Creating monthly and quarterly reports for all expenses and outstanding invoices
  • Ensure excellent property security, serving as a point‐of‐contact for all emergencies and urgent questions for all properties
  • Recruitment for household staff, where required, across the properties
  • Overseeing, training, and assisting domestic staff (full-time employees and contracted housekeepers/ cleaning staff) to keep the homes to the standard that is expecte
  • Overseeing and managing staff as appropriate, including timesheets, expenses, holiday requests, sick days, etc.
  • Liaising with household staff on behalf of the Principal with any property issues/requests
  • Forging relationships with the family and household staff & becoming a trusted ‘go-to’ person when needed – this does not require a firm hand, a positive and approachable attitude is preferred with staff
  • Delegating tasks to the staff (contracted staff and full time), ensuring task lists are set for each member of the team

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